Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

The QEPrize exists to recognise and promote world-changing advances in engineering that have made a difference to humanity.
The QEPrize celebrates and promotes engineering achievements from bridges to broadband and from fashion to fusion. As part of that mission the Engineering Party will showcase the wonder of modern engineering.

Thoughtfully-curated installations at the Engineering Party will illustrate and demonstrate the fundamental role that engineering plays in improving and enhancing our lives and our world.

Some installations – such as the LifeStraw or Hövding bicycle helmet – are clearly designed to solve specific problems. Others – such as ‘A matter of life and death’ or the work of CuteCircuit – bring together art, design and engineering to explore and enhance our understanding of global issues and human behaviour. Finally, we have included installations such as ‘Floe’ that appear more whimsical and poetic, and yet in capturing the beauty and complexity of the world they may have within them the potential to influence and improve life in future.